SMART Notebook Training

There are thousands of SMART interactive whiteboards in schools across southern Ontario, but relatively few educators have received training that would enable them to fully utilize the technology effectively. Participants of the SMART Notebook training noted that they felt better prepared to integrate technology into their lessons.

Workshops are available for versions from Notebook 11 to 15.

If your school has already made an investment in SMART interactive whiteboards and has an active SMART Advantage license, learn how to take advantage of the new features in Notebook. From simple tools like the paintbrush and text pen, to advanced capabilities that enable BYOD, Notebook 15 allows you to create activities that will engage your students in new ways.

Notebook Beginner is ideal for new teachers, or teachers new to educational technology, with regular access to a SMART interactive whiteboard. Learn the basics of the Notebook software, and how to create interactive activities.
  • Differentiate between the Notebook tabs and tools.\
  • Using the pens, eraser, and pen toolbar.
  • Create and manipulate objects.
  • Integrate pictures from your own collection or the web.
  • Combine objects into engaging and interactive activities.
  • Access extensive resources and activities online.
Notebook Intermediate is for teachers looking to create more advanced activities.
  • Organize large activities.
  • Personalize Notebook with your own custom gallery.
  • Take advantage of different activity views to help your students learn new tasks.
  • Attach supporting files to your Notebook file.
  • Create and apply themes.
  • Use tables to organize objects and create activities.
  • Using the Lesson Activity Toolkit and Activity Builder
  • Use Geogebra to integrate math tools directly into your Notebook activities. *
  • Take advantage of student devices. *
  • Enhance collaboration and sharing. *
* - Requires active Notebook Advantage license